1. From our websites | |, choose the service that you want us to provide to you.

2. Open up the communication by filling the details in the INSTANT CONFIRMATION booking form, below.

3. We need to know:

  • the number of the passengers that will take part and their full names,

  • The dates that you plan to take the service mentioned.

  • your hotel in Athens, in order to arrange the pick up/drop off service, if it is included, and can be arranged,

  • any special requests that we should know and must take care of.

4. We shall reply and confirm the booking, usually within 24 hours.

5. Your last step is to click on our PAY ON LINE Bank Secure webpage of the EUROBANK of Greece, and using your credit card, you pay the cost of the service offered or pay the deposit required.
(P.S. This is a Secure Bank website, meaning that the bank needs to be able to trace the IP address of the person that charges a credit card and to do that they do not allow the visit from an I-phone, or, any mobile tool. Use a PC or laptop if you want to make a payment, otherwise you will receive an error message.

6. A couple of minutes after completing your payment, the bank software sends you a message. This is your receipt.
At the same moment it releases a message to us, telling us about the transaction and that the money has been deposited.
You may of course face a "system down" case. It's a temporary problem. Please, try again.

7. As soon as we receive this message, we reconfirm that we found the money and the latest by the next day, due to the time difference, we send to your e mail address as an attachment, the voucher, if you need to have one.

8. Please, print this voucher, and give a copy to the tour Operator.