Tours following the Greek customs & traditions.

Greece is a country in which customs and traditions are strongly alive in the daily lives of people.
The average tourist holidaying in Greece will experience little, if anything at all, of the traditional
Greek ways of life. They come for the sunshine, to have fun and relax. However, there are plenty
of visitors with an interest in the country and its people. All they need to do is stay away from
the beaten tourist track, because everywhere else, Greek traditions, music, celebrations, religion,
festivals and hospitality is very much alive.

We have selected some really "unique" traditions and we are planing tours in order to give
a picture of the natural beauty, history and culture that Greece has to offer.

Tours and dates.

January 6: Tour to the gynekokratia region, where men and women reverse their daily roles.
Mid February: Tours following the Greek traditions during carnival time.
February-March: Ash Monday - and all sorts of folkloric traditions.
February-March: Dirty Monday - and the "teasing" Dionysian phallic festival.
April: Easter customs on the island of Patmos, Syros, Corfu and Leonidio.
April 23: St. George's nameday and the horse racing traditions.
May 21: "Anastenaria" - the fire walking tradition. What is protecting the "anastenarides"?
May 29: Mystras Festival in memory of the Paleologos family - the Byzantine emperors.
June 24: "Miaoulia", Hydra and re-enactment of the Turkish head ship bombardment .
June 25: Feast of Sarakatsanoi at Pertouli, Trikala - folk dancing and other customs.
August: Mt. Olympus Festival at the Litohoro village. A great time to hike the sacred mountain.
August: Paros and the Pirate raid Pageantry at the village of Naousa.
August 15: Mother Mary's name day. Religious festivals all over Greece and the Cyclades.
August 20: Mount Pelio and the Wedding recreation.
August 26 - 27: Leonidio, Arkadia and the Aubergine (egg plant) cooking festival.
September 8-10: Spetses Island celebrations of "Armata" and enactment of the sea battle.
November: Athens - Marathon race. Arrangements for the athletes and spectators.
December 23: Kozani/Siatista - Klarides. Festival with bonfires(shepherds proclaimed Jesus' birth).

All the above tours are organised for groups from 5 - 30 persons