Get on board and fly over hidden beauties of Greece including Olympia, at 44.44 min.

THERE ARE NO TRAINS operating between Athens and Pyrgos or vice versa.
The only train in the area is the one connecting the port of Katakolon with Pyrgos and Olympia.
Any suggestions about travelling from Athens to Olympia by train are outdated and misleading.


We believe that when you visit Greece the five places that must be included in everybody's itinerary are:
The Acropolis and the Archaeological museum of Athens, Olympia, Delphi and the "unique" site of the Meteora rocks.
The promotion of Ancient Olympia, a world heritage jewel and birthplace of the Olympic Games, is our concern.
Every year more than 1,000,000 people visit the archaeological site and the Museum of Ancient Olympia. Be one of them.
CLICK and see the easy way to visit the museums of Olympia and explore the ancient site in a day, and
See also all the options to visit the monasteries at Meteora from 44.00 euro.

If you decide to visit Olympia on your own and on the intercity bus ...... it is not as easy as it sounds.

- The museums are excellent, while the ancient site, as it is with most of the ancient sites, a lot is left to your imagination.
- The visitors to the site and museum, limit their information to the brief description from the few signs, good but insufficient.

- Acropolis, Olympia and Delphi are 3 ancient sites that a professional tour guide is needed.
The history of Olympia is fascinating and without a tour guide you will leave, feeling that you missed something.
At Olympia, without any doubt, I recommend a young professional tour guide, GEORGIA KARANIKOLOU.
Her e mail is: and her Greek cell phone: + 030 - 6982 495884. She speaks English fluently.
She is very knowledgeable, and she is not afraid to spend the extra time, to talk about the history and the local myths.

Most buses travel from Athens to Olympia via Pyrgos and connect to the local bus. From 06.00am - 18.00, a bus departs every +/- 2 hrs.
Buy your bus ticket in advance and collect it from our office, or call the bus ticket offices in Athens, tel. 210 5136185.
You cannot book your return seat from Olympia in Athens. The hotel that you choose at Olympia should be able to help you.

The bus trip from Athens - Pyrgos = 315 km., 5 hours ride, and from Pyrgos-Olympia = 21 km, 30 min. ride.
A total of a little under 6 hours if you include the bus connection delay (+/- 20 min).

CLICK HERE and see an interesting video about Ancient Olympia, the archaeological museum and ancient site

and, click to see the "google map"of modern Olympia, the location of the museum and the distance of the ancient site.

F.y.i. the entrance to the archaeological museum and the ancient site at Olympia costs:
Adults 12.00 euros, E.U. students and under 19 years old are free, while other students and E.U. seniors pay 6.00 euro.

Watch out: austerity measures mean that museums/sites may close earlier than usual. Check and plan in advance, especially on weekends and public holidays.

Unfortunately the intercity buses changed the times of the scheduled departures...(click and see them) that we had posted.
Contact the bus terminal directly ( 210 5134110 - 1) and check the departure times and prices.

And now, have a look and see
the trip to Kalambaka by train, and visit meteora for 44.00 euro per person,
and the trip to Delphi, webpage, and visit the classical site and museum of Delphi by bus.

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