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VISIT METEORA and follow the monks’ paths to the monasteries.

Meteora is a complex of Greek Orthodox monasteries built on natural sandstone pillars.
Today four monasteries and two nunneries are open to the public. Certain days each one is closed for meditation.

Meteora today

If there is one place that you must visit during your visit to Greece this is the Meteora in central Greece. This vast Eastern Orthodox monastic complex is not found anywhere else in the world. Despite how overused the word amazing is, at Meteora it means the exact picture. If the unearthly landscape of massive pillar-like mountains and columns weren’t striking enough, monks, 800 years ago built huge monasteries on top of them.

The view from Meteora is spectacular no matter where you stand, and it will make even the most experienced traveller to say “wow”. Greece is full of spectacular sites, but it will be difficult to find one more unique and with so many fabulous views as in Meteora. The UNESCO monasteries of Meteora, are one of the most extraordinary sights.

Meteora map

Meteora map

Built on top of the huge pinnacles of smooth rocks, the monasteries provided monks with peaceful havens from the bloodshed as the Byzantine Empire waned at the end of the 14th c. The monasteries were reached by climbing removable ladders. Later, windlasses were used so monks could be hauled up in nets, a method used until the 1920s. Apprehensive visitors enquiring how often the ropes were replaced were told ‘When the Lord lets them break’.

These days access to the monasteries is by steps hewn into the rocks and the windlasses are used only for hauling up provisions.

Do not miss visiting this unique place at this special prices!

Monasticism at Meteora

The Monasticism at the Holy Meteora over the centuries
The monks’ love of God, monasticism and asceticism for this miraculous way of life on the rugged spires of the plain of Thessaly. Monasticism is the highest calling and the path that leads directly to holiness. It is the complete devotion of the human person to the tribune God. It is the imitation of the angels in divine love, chant, obedience and the ministry of souls, which is why it was called ‘equal to the angels’ and an ‘angelic state’. The entire life of a monk consists in opening the heart to God and keeping His commandments, in constantly striving for sanctification and praying continually. Whether working, studying or in the stillness of prayer, the monk is unceasingly crying out to the Lord in the heart with the brief prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon us”.

Over the centuries the Meteora monasteries were seed-beds of holiness for a multitude of monks, a bastion of faith and civilization, treasuries of the values and virtues of the Greek Orthodox spirit. Here, the unparalleled natural wealth of Meteora coexists in absolute harmony with discreet human intervention; intense spiritual striving and devotion to God is juxtaposed with a love of beauty and culture; the harsh ascetic way of life stands side by side with the refinement of art and artistic creativity, with the sole purpose of glorifying the Creator.

The monks’ ascetic struggles were characterised by heroism, their spirituality by a spirit of self-sacrifice, self-denial and support to the troubled souls who sought refuge in these strongholds of Orthodoxy. Thus the monasteries of Meteora became the watchful custodians and guardians of tradition: they became schools for the Greek children under Turkish rule and a refuge for the persecuted, they offered provisions to the freedom fighters and at the same time gave an education in holiness and salvation.

The valuable ascetic tradition of Meteora, the large number of saints who have lived on the hallowed spires, its rich liturgical life and many relics, which are its most precious treasures, together make the monasteries vital centres of Orthodox spirituality.

Meteora is a holy land, a sacred space created and guarded by God, its cliffs and caves and ravines sanctified by the host of holy ascetics and martyrs of the Greek Thebaid who have inhabited them. A contemporary saint, St Porphyrios, used to say: “I speak with the rocks, for they have so much to tell of the ascetic life of earlier fathers”.

Over the last fifty years a remarkable programme of restoration has been carried out to the monasteries of Meteora, as a result of the hard work and tireless efforts of the energetic and worthy abbots and monks, the watchful care and blessing of Metropolitan Seraphim of Stagoi and Meteora and the excellent collaboration of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Larissa (formerly of Trikala). This major undertaking includes extensive reconstruction work, the preservation of frescoes and treasures in the monasteries’ collections and improvements to the surrounding space, making Meteora one of the most spiritual and attractive destinations in the world.

The monastic communities of Meteora participate in liturgical life and attend to the many visitors with love and sensitivity. In addition they preserve and maintain the sites, paint icons, embroider with gold thread, create miniatures, produce beeswax candles, incense and small icons, cultivate the monastery gardens and keep bees. Their publications include studies in history, theology and hymnography. However, their primary purpose is to offer a living witness of Christ in an age which is spiritually barren, when people have lost their sense of national and religious identity and are experiencing a crisis that is not only economic but also spiritual. The monks strive to preserve the precious legacy of their faith and rich tradition and to highlight their inestimable value in modern times.

The monastic community

Perched high atop spires of conglomerated Calcerous and sandstone rock, the monasteries of Meteora are one of the world’s most spectacular sacred sites. Located in the Thessaly region of North Central Greece and overlooking the valley of Pinios, the towering rocks of Meteora, meaning ‘rocks in the air’, have long evoked awe in human beings. Paleolithic remains indicate settlements around the stones from between 100,000 to 40,000 BC, and hermits and ascetics have lived in the area since long before the Christian era. The arrival of Christianity began in the 8th century, organized monastic communities had developed by the 12th century, and by the mid 1500’s twenty-four Greek Orthodox monasteries had been constructed upon the spires of stone. The monasteries, 200-600 meters high (and some accessible only by baskets lowered by ropes and winches), became a center of scholarship and art until the mid 18th century when popular interest in monasticism declined. Most of these meteorisa monastiria (‘hanging monasteries’) were abandoned and today only six survive, of which four can be visited by way of bridges and rock-cut steps. Previously a remote area, the construction of a highway in the early 1960’s made the monasteries accessible to pilgrims and tourists. This influx of visitors, however, has discouraged new monks from joining the monasteries and compelled others to move to Mt. Athos in search of solitude and privacy.
Orthodox Monks started to populate the area of Meteora over 1200 years ago, initially searching for quietness, peace and the perfect environment

Lifting system with ropes in Meteora to pray and meditate. They were living in caves like hermits, with little human relations. Beginning of the 12th c. they started to congregate and create the first monasteries. To make things more difficult, they decided to build their communities on top of rocky peaks, apparently inhospitable places to live in, but with more protection from the outside world, and amazing views to enjoy daily.
Approching Meteora the visitor wonders how could they manage at that time to climb these steep peaks with very little equipment and later to carry the materials to build the monasteries. The cliffs are as high as 600m (1800 feet) from the plain level, and hardly accessible even today to equipped rock climbers. Originally entrance to the monasteries was possible only with ladders, or ropes connected to nets, used to lift goods and people. Not only it was adventurous, but also really dangerous, since the legend say that the ropes were changed only “when the Lord let them break”. The advantage of such an access system was that the ropes could easily be lifted to protect the monks from external threats. The biggest expansion of the monasteries had place at the end of the 14th c, when Greece was threatened by Turkish invaders, and monks from other areas of Greece took refugee in Meteora, building a total of 24 monasteries, progressively abandoned in the last two centuries.

While walking in Meteora we saw buses packed with tourists going from one monastery to the other without even stopping on the way to enjoy the amazing views. This means to miss all of the magic of this place, the fusion of the human-made monasteries perfectly integrated on top of incredible rock formations. We advise you not to do the same mistake and enjoy the route in between the monasteries!

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Our 3 day tour includes

SEE our tour to Meteora and Delphi combining train, taxi and bus.

  • Daily departures, travelling on your own or in a small group.
  • Travelling by train in a scenic and smooth ride.
  • Visit well hidden spots that other travellers never experience.
  • Learn the culture and history of the place from the local leader.
    – Stay in the hotels KOSTA FAMISI and Hotel LEFAS,
    – B class Train tickets from Athens to Kalambaka and on to Levadia,
    – The Taxi transfer at 21:10 from Levadia train station to Delphi,
    – The Intercity Bus from Delphi to Athens. Arrival in Athens at 19:15

    EXCLUDED: Lunches and dinners, Entrance fees to the monasteries and the archaeological site.

    All options to visit Meteora


    Hani K, Ottawa, Canada, 33 reviews
    Re: Astoria Travel
    I had a fantastic experience with Astoria Travel and Kosta. He is very efficient, he know his stuff and he is one of the best in his job. He helped me plan a trip to Kalambala and Delphi by train, private taxi and Intercity bus. He arranged everything and all went very smoothly like a clock work.
    He takes care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a well organized trip.
    His prices are very reasonable and extremely competitive compare to other tours. I definitely recommend him

    I was in Greece last week of March and first week of April 2018

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    SEE ALL THE TOURS that visit Meteora in guided tours or train trips.

    A well marked path in the rocks of Meteora


    For real pleasure and nice memories, combine touring with walking and hiking. The sight of the Meteora is a unique experience, but walking on the well marked paths, is breathtaking. Experience and observe the beautiful local flora and fauna between the huge rocks.

    Step off the tourist trail and discover the little-known routes that most visitors do not get to see. On this morning hiking trip, you follow your leader-guide on a leisurely hike in the narrow well marked path that leads into the valleys set on the foothill of the great rocks all the way to the Grand Meteoro Monastery. Along the way, you pass from the out of the way Ypapanti monastery and some of the smaller rock monasteries, and listen to fascinating commentary about the formation and history of this unique site.

    There is a number of hiking paths in the area, some are more difficult than others. The routes chosen to follow are not too difficult. Wear the proper shoes and be careful where you step, other than that it is a great experience to become one with the nature.

    “Go hiking in Meteora” and see this unique geological phenomenon walking. Experience a unique convergence of nature and spirituality unlike any other place in Greece. Discover and follow the paths of the monks. This is the opportunity to see the monasteries and landscape from a different perspective.
    The views of the town of Kalampaka at the base of the rocks and the valley of Pineios river are stunning. Plus a visit to a monastery (Great Meteoron or Varlaam) is included.
    The Professional Hiking Guide will be with you to give you all the information you need about the area and wherever is needed, transport is organized on a minibus.

    Distance: 8 km | Duration: 4 hrs | Difficulty: Easy. If you are an active person you should join this tour.


    Visit One monastery,
    Certified Hiking Guide,
    Hotel Pick up / Drop off,
    Free Meteora Map

    Entrance fees to the Monastery (3.00 €),
    Meals and soft drinks.

    Useful advice

    The best season for walking at Meteora is Spring and Autumn. If you are walking in the Summer, you will need to have a lot of water with you. You should avoid walking in the heat of the day (11.00 – 4.00 pm).
    In the Winter you should also avoid areas that are very wet and slippery.
    You should wear shoes, correct for such sports.
    Please respect the holiness of the site and maintain the proper dress and behaviour.

    More info

    Witness nature at its best and admire the historic monasteries on this morning escapade. The views are majestic and our tour guides will make sure you enjoy them through the most efficient paths, all while informing you about the history and tales of the area.

    The hiking tour of Meteora is best possible way to experience this historic site and geological mystery. On this tour you will walk through paths less traveled by the masses, which only locals are able to guide you through. Follow the trails taken by the first hermits and monks to settle in Meteora in the 9th Century AD, enjoy views which most visitors do not get the opportunity to see!

    The tour begins from the Doupiani rock, right under the remains of Pantokrator monastery. We continue through the imposing sandstone mountains and move to the north side of Meteora. There we visit the concealed monastery of Ypapanti and the remains of St. Dimitrious Monastery. While visiting these landmarks, you will hear the history, legends and dark tales associated with the area and each site as told by the locals.

    Visit the Ypapanti monastery from the inside (it is open until October), and then the monasteries of Great Meteoron or Varlaam. After filling your soul and absorbing history, we begin the last leg of this one of a kind tour by taking the original paths monks used before more modern road construction began.

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    SEE ALL THE TOURS that visit Meteora in guided tours or train trips.

    Take the 4 hour morning tour and explore Meteora.

    Many centuries ago, an important monastic community was formed on these gigantic rocks in Greece.


    The Meteora Morning Tour from Kalampaka is the perfect choice to explore the Meteora Monasteries. History, science and mythology alike have attempted to explain the formation of the sandstone mountain, but it is still a mystery which makes it one of the most unique places in the world and places it in the UNESCO list. Its deep religious history offers many tales and legends. It is estimated that the first hermit monks settled on the Meteora rocks around the 10th c. AD. It has since been a Christian sanctuary with a very complicated history. 24 monasteries were built during its history, 6 remain open today.

    Go on a daytime tour of 3 of the 6 remaining monasteries in Meteora, learn the history and hear dark tales of the area from your local guide. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take photos from secrets positions. Give yourself the privilege of absorbing some of the most breathtaking sights, views and colors nature has to offer. Combine that with learning the history of the area and hearing impressive tales about the first hermits and monks who settled in Meteora, and you have a complete day of body and soul fulfilling activity.

    Discover the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of this area. Many visitors never learn or hear that just few km away from Kalampaka there is one of the most important prehistoric caves not only for Greece but for the entire world, with archaeological findings dating back to 130,000 BC!

    Best tour at best price: 25.00 €


    Transportation by modern air-conditioned bus
    Stops for beautiful photos
    Learn the traditions, myths and history
    See all 6 monasteries, Visit 3 of them
    English speaking tour leader
    Hotel Pick up / Drop off
    Free WI FI
    Meteora Map

    Upon request French,Italian,Russian,Spanish (extra cost)
    Certified guide (optional, extra cost)


    3.00 € per person, entrance fee at each monastery
    Visit the Grand Meteoro and the nunnery of St Stephen’s
    (If the Grand Meteoro is closed, the Varlaam is visited instead).

    Useful information

    Wear proper shoes.
    Do not forget to bring your camera.
    The monasteries have a strict dress code. Wrappings are provided.

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    Enjoy a beautiful sunset from the Meteora rocks.


    If you happen to be at Meteora on a tour, finish the day with a Sunset Tour on the rocks watching the sun hiding behind the mountains. Meteora is a unique site, a complex of sandstone rocks listed in UNESCO’s Sites. It is the second largest monastic site in Greece. 6 of the original 24 monasteries are still open to the public. The history and myths are endless, as are the paths to explore this unique area. Visit sites which tell the 27-century old story of the region like the Badovas and the surrounding caves.

    You have the chance to combine the Sunset Tour with the Morning Tour or the Meteora Hiking Tour for a full day experience. The leaders are local guys willing to offer their knowledge. Walk on well paved paths and hear the history and legends of the area.

    In the 3.30 hour afternoon SUNSET TOUR, organized by our partner in Kalampaka, you visit either the ROUSSANOU, or, the St. STEPHEN’S nunneries, the old Byzantine church of Mother Mary in Kalambaka, and the 1,000 years old hermitages and cave dwellings of Badova.

    Experience a beautiful sunset, and capture beautiful photos.

    Best tour at best price: 25.00 €


    Starting at +/- 16.00 the tour will take you to places that only the locals know. Enjoy amazing views, learn about the history, and traditions of the place. High up on the rocks, you will see the 1,000 years old Bandovas’, the cave dwellings on the rocks, and learn the history of the very old Byzantine church, built on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to god Apollo. The Dormition of Mother Mary in Kalampaka is one of the oldest churches in Greece, a real monument of special Byzantine architecture.

    Driving on the rocks, the driver will stop on a flat opening, from where you will take dozens of photos of a beautiful sunset. When the sun touches the mountains at the background, a complete silence is all you hear, and that is the moment that you understand why Meteora was chosen by the monks to build the monasteries here. It’s the moment that you also feel the need to meditate on the beauty of the creation.


    Transportation by modern air-conditioned bus
    Pick up and drop off from your Hotel in Kalampaka or Kastraki
    Stop at the right spot for taking the sunset photos.
    Learn about the local customs, legends and history
    Visit the nunnery of Roussanou, or, the nunnery of St. Stephen’s,
    Visit the Byzantine church of Virgin Mary in Kalampaka and
    the cave dwellings at Badovas

    Not included
    – 3.00 € per person, the entrance fee to the nunnery, and
    – 2.00 € per person, the entrance fee to the Byzantine church of Mother Mary.

    Useful information

    – Wear the proper shoes and proper dress. Men wearing long trousers, and women long skirts. However at the entrance of the monasteries you are provided with wrappings to follow the dress code and show your respect.

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    sunset tour in Kalambaka

    This tour is organized, between April and October, ON Mondays.


    Visit Epidaurus, Nafplion, Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi & Meteora.
    Spend 2 nights in Kalambaka and explore the Meteora rocks & monasteries

    The Amazing open THEATRE OF EPIDAURUS The priests of the sanctuary of god Asclepius were excellent surgeons. On the ground of the sanctuary, the administration of the Asclipieion, in order to entertain the patients, decided to build a theatre. Today, next to the sanctuary of Asclepius, there is a small museum, displaying the instruments and tools used by the priests, excellent surgeons, to perform even brain operations.

    NAFPLION – the “Venice” of Greece
    Modern architecture hasn’t spoiled the old town of Nafplion, which is a feast for the eye. Nafplion was the capital of the Greek state in the early 1830s. Here, is the first residential palace for the young Bavarian Prince, Otto, the first king of the new country after the revolution against the Turks. The old town is beautiful, with old mansions and paved roads. The town’s fortresses, the Palamidi and the Akronafplia, played a key role during the war of independence. The Venetian influence is everywhere justifying the town’s name as the “Greek Venice”.

    MYCENAE – “City in gold” Mycenae, the city that controlled both the land and sea routes, was the kingdom of mythic Agamemnon. Myths related to history have inspired poets and writers over the centuries from Homer and the Greek tragedies of the classical period to contemporary literary and artistic creations. The site was uncovered in 1874 by Heinrich Schlieman, who also excavated the site of Troy. You enter the citadel through the impressive Lions’ Gate.

    OLYMPIA & the OLYMPIC GAMES The site of Olympia, was the location of the ancient Olympic Games, with the first recorded win in 776 BC. In addition to the numerous temples and sanctuaries, there are remains of sporting structures, such as the ancient Stadium, the Gymnasium, the Palaestra and others.

    DELPHI – The famous “temple bank”. The pan-Hellenic sanctuary of the oracle of Apollo in Delphi, was the spiritual centre of the Greek world. Situated in a spectacular natural setting on the mountain of Parnassus, it was the symbol of Greek cultural unity from the 8th c. BC onwards.

    Driving from Delphi to Kalambaka you take a short stop at Thermopyllae, the place where Leonidas and the 300 Spartans fought the Persians. Overnight in kalambaka.

    KALAMBAKA – The unique “ART OF NATURE”. Travel on the rocks of Meteora and with the tour guide, visit 2 monasteries that are open on the day that you come to Meteora. Return to Kalambaka for lunch and after lunch start the return and arrive in Athens at +/- 19:30

    Prices and discounts

    The hotel pick up service starts at 07:30 and the bus departs from the terminal at 08:30, and returns at +/- 19:30

    HOTELS at Olympia: (3*) NEDA, KRONION, or similar | (4*) OLYMPIC VILLAGE, EUROPA, ARTY GRAND
    HOTELS in Kalambaka: (3*) KOSTA FAMISI, ORFEAS, or similar | (4*) AMALIA, or similar

    PRICES: All travel agents, in Greece and worldwide, offer the same tour at different prices. We are sure that our prices for this tour is not matched by any other company. After 60 years organizing tours throughout Greece we have secured the best deals in all aspects of travel. So, why pay more? Our discounted prices, per adult, for this tour are:

    Two choices Double room Single room Details
    Option 1: 3* hotel with breakfast 380.00 + entrance fees 450.00 + entrance fees 15.00 € extra per dinner
    Option 2: 4* hotel with half board 520.00 + entrance fees 640.00 + entrance fees Includes free arrival transfer

    ENTRANCE FEES: Juniors <19 and E.U. students, JANUARY - DECEMBER, are free of charge.
    Students from other countries and E.U. seniors over 65, JANUARY – DECEMBER, pay 24.00 €
    Everybody else, NOVEMBER – MARCH, pay 24.00 €, while, from APRIL – OCTOBER everybody else pays 48.00 € extra.

    If you visit Greece on the following dates, you are allowed to walk in Greek sites and museums, free of charge:
    March 6, April 18, May 18, June 5, September 27, Last weekend of September, First Sunday from November 01 – to March 31st, October 28.

    Avoid planning visits to Archaeological sites & museums on the following dates. You will find them closed:
    December 25 + 26, January 01, March 25, May 01, Greek Easter Day(April or May) & Greek Good Friday sites/museums open at 01:00pm

    Special discounts: (One option of 5% discount is applicable).
    * Persuade a friend, share a triple room with your friend and save 5%
    * Persuade your friends, make a team of 5 or more adults and save 5%
    * Take advantage of our PAY IN ADVANCE 5% discount (see in the footer)
    * Combine it with the 1 day cruise and pay a special price for the package.
    * Upgrade your 3* hotel with breakfast at Olympia to the 4* OLYMPIAN VILLAGE by paying 14.00 € p.p. extra

    In the footer, find the the “4 steps 2 make a booking” and if you find our offer interesting, please, start the communication. Let us be your host.


    Short photo stop at Corinth canal
    Visit the sanctuary of Asclepius and the Epidaurus Theatre
    Visit the Mycenae Archaeological site & Tomb of Atreus
    Visit the Olympia Archaeological site & Museum
    Visit the Delphi Archaeological site & Museum
    With the tour guide, visit 2 of the Meteora monasteries that are open on the day you visit Meteora
    On Thursday, in Kalambaka, join a “sunset tour” and watch a beautiful sunset from the top of the rocks.
    Short stop at the romantic town of Nafplion. The Venetians had it for 200 yrs and they left their mark.
    1 night hotel accommodation at Olympia
    1 night hotel accommodation in Delphi
    2 nights hotel accommodation in Kalambaka
    4 breakfasts (the dinners are optional and depend on the price that you choose to pay).
    Services of the Professional guide except on Thursday.
    Transport by modern air-conditioned coach
    Pick up / drop off service from central hotels in Athens (See the list in the footer)
    All taxes except the hotel overnight tax (0.50-3.00 €/ room/ night)

    Not included: The entrances to museums, sites, and the 3.00 € entrance during the SUNSET tour
    Juniors under 19, and E.U. students are free to enter sites & museums.

    More info & Map

    * Explore the town of Kalampaka and don’t miss the 9th century church at Kalampaka. The church is about 15 minutes walk from the hotel.

    * Start the communication by sending us a message.

    * Read the 4 steps 2 book that you find in the footer and we look forward to receive your request.
    * When we receive the message from the bank that the money have been deposited, we’ll send you the voucher.


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    CLICK here and see ALL THE GUIDED TOURS that start from Athens. Detailed information on each tour is included.


    Meteora - St Stephan nunnery

    SEE ALL THE TOURS that visit Meteora in guided tours or train trips.

    Departures & prices

    The Delphi and Meteora tour operates April – October: Mon, Wed, Thu & selected Saturdays. CLICK and see the dates.
    From November – March this tour operates ONLY on Wednesdays.

    However, we believe that one day in Kalampaka is not enough. Give your tour an extra day – it will not be wasted and you will not regret it. April – October depart on Wednesday and return on Friday. You follow the guided groups on Wednesday and Friday, and on Thursday you explore Meteora on your own, otherwise, CLICK HERE and see our 3day/ 2nights tour by train, spending 1 night in Kalambaka and 1 in Delphi.


    DOUBLE ROOM per person
    3* Kosta FAMISSI – with breakfast
    120.00 + 12.00 entrance fees = 132.00 €
    142.00 + 12.00 entrance fees = 154.00 €
    3* ORFEAS – half board
    135.00 + 12.00 entrance fees = 147.00 €
    165.00 + 12.00 entrance fees = 177.00 €
    4* AMALIA or GRAND METEORA – half board
    170.00 + 12.00 entrance fees = 182.00 €
    includes complimentary arrival transfer
    215.00 + 12.00 entrance fees = 227.00 €
    includes complimentary arrival transfer

    APPLICABLE ENTRANCE FEES: NOVEMBER – MARCH the entrance fees drop from 12.00 to 6.00 €

    * The hotels we use are: 3* Hotel KOSTA FAMISI or 3* Hotel ORFEAS and 4* hotel AMALIA(Thu & Sat) or Hotel GRAND METEORA(Mon & Wed)
    * If our offers sound interesting read the “4 steps to book” in the footer and start communication.

    – transportation in modern, air conditioned buses
    – Pick up / drop off from your hotel or near it (See the list of hotels in the footer of this website).
    (This service is from hotels in central Athens. The airport and the Port of Piraeus are not in Athens).
    – Entrance fees to Delphi site and the 2 monasteries that are open on the day that you visit Meteora.
    – Services of the professional tour guide all along the tour.
    – 1 night hotel accommodation in the hotel of your choice.
    – All taxes except the hotel night tax of 1.50 €(in 3* hotel) – 3.00 € per room, per night(in 4*star hotel)
    – No hidden costs or surcharges. We offer the best price and we assure you that you ‘ll have a great tour.

    NB:Lunches on both days are not included. The bus stops at local restaurants, but the lunches are extra.

    MORE OFFERS and DISCOUNTS (only one discount allowed – the highest one):
    a) Share a triple room with a friend and save 5% on the double room rate.
    b) 5% GROUP DISCOUNT: Make a team of 5 or more passengers and gain 5%, or
    c) 5% ADVANCE BOOKING and payment discount. Follow the following 3 steps and save.
    # SUBMIT your booking request form 4 months before the tour departure.
    # WITHIN ONE WEEK following our confirmation, pay a non refundable deposit of 50.00 €, p.p.
    # TWO MONTHS before the departure of the tour, settle the balance in full.

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    The tour which I joined was organized by G.O.TOURS. However I did not book through their website. I booked it through ASTORIA TRAVEL
    After browsing through the web, I found that ASTORIA TRAVEL offers the cheapest tour packages in Athens. Initially I was quite skeptical. How can this tour agent offer such a low price compared to the other travel companies. Is this a scam? Well, it was not a scam and the complimentary arrival transfer was true. I even booked my first two nights in Athens at Hotel Arethusa in Syntagma at a very cheap price through ASTORIA TRAVEL. Read more in the testimonials section…


    POPULAR TOURS: 1 day Delphi | 1 day Argolis | 3 day explore Meteora | 4 day classical & Meteora | 5 day explore Meteora | 1 day cruise




    Places visited

    This tour includes two of the most important sites, on mainland Greece. It presents a picture of ancient Greek civilisation beginning with the Mycenaeans, the Greek Bronze Age, and continuing through Archaic, Classical and, to a lesser extent, Hellenistic and Roman Greece. It provides a glimpse of the spiritual splendour of Byzantine art and architecture.
    It is a full itinerary, but the pace is manageable. Plenty of time is available on the sites, allowing time for adequate exposition by the tour guide and time for further exploration on your own.

    * The traditional village of Arachova.
    * The modern Village of Delphi.
    * The sanctuary with the temple of Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi.
    * The monument of Leonidas, the Spartan King, in Thermopylae.
    * 2 monasteries are visited. One of them is the nunnery of St. Stephen.

    * NB.The archaeological museum in Delphi is not visited in this tour. The museum is included in the 3 days Delphi – Meteora tour.

    ORACLE OF APOLLO in DELPHI-the centre of the universe

    According to the myth, Zeus released two eagles. One flew east and the other one west. They met over Delphi, determining that the centre of the world was there. A temple dedicated to god Apollo was built there in the 7th c BC. The oracle of Apollo became a religious centre where common people and kings alike, came to consult the priestess of the sanctuary.
    The ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE consists of the temple of Apollo, the treasury houses, the theatre, and the stadium.


    Beautiful rocks from another world embrace Kalambaka. The monuments are under the protection of UNESCO and are recorded as the second largest Monastic community after the Holy Mountain.
    It’s a region of inaccessible sandstone peaks where the monks found protection and settled on these “columns of the sky” from the 10th c. onwards. 24 monasteries were built, despite incredible difficulties at the time of the great revival of the monastic ideal in the 15th c. Their 16th c. frescoes mark a key stage in the development of the post-Byzantine painting.
    The monasteries at Meteora grew out of the need to avoid Turkish persecution during the occupation in the 14th c. Monks lived in caves in the rocks of Meteora since the 11th c. but the inaccessible peaks provided safety for Greek Orthodox monks. Over time a large number of hermitages and monasteries were built on these rocks, making Meteora the second largest monastic complex in Greece after Mount Athos.
    Seeing the beautiful stone structure, surrounded by mist, is enough to make you understand why the monks and nuns selected this area for unceasing prayer. Today, from the many monasteries that existed, only six are open to the public: The monasteries of St. Nicholas Anapafsas, Grand Meteoron, Varlaam, Roussanou, Holy Trinity and St. Stephan. It is worth noting that the religious monuments mostly visitored in Greece are the Holy Meteora.

    “Here at these barren rocks thousands of orthodox monks learned wisdom, humility and morals“

    Over a million people visit the area of Meteora every year and admire this “unique” natural phenomenon.


    DAY 1: The bus starts the pick up at 07.30am and, traffic allowing, it departs from the terminal in the centre of Athens at 08.30am.
    Passing by THEBES (the town of mythical Oedipus), LEVADIA (short rest room stop) and the traditional village of ARACHOVA, you arrive in DELPHI, the famous “Temple-Bank”, at +/- 11.30am.
    Delphi was considered by the ancient Greeks to be “the centre of the universe”. With the professional tour guide you will explore the legendary site of the Oracle.

    13.30 The group proceeds for lunch, and at +/- 14.45 departs via AMPHISSA, LAMIA and TRIKALA for Kalampaka with a short photo stop at THERMOPYLAE, the site of the famous battle between the Spartan King Leonidas and his 300 Spartan soldiers against the huge Persian army of Xerxes 480 B.C. took place. Arrival at your hotel in Kalampaka at +/- 19:00. Overnight in Kalambaka.(Dinner is optional).

    DAY 2: 08.15 After breakfast on the way o METEORA, you pass by a local art studio where you learn about the technique of painting of the icons and what an icon means for a Greek Orthodox Christian.
    You then drive up to the rocks and visit two of the monasteries that are open on that day.
    12:30 Return to Kalambaka for lunch and at +/- 14:00 you start the return to Athens and arive in Athens between 19.30 – 20.00.

    Time Tour Plan & Services
    8:30 Hotel pick up startsat 07.30am and depart from the terminal at +/- 08:30
    11:30 After a short break outside Levadia you arrive in modern Delphi village
    11:45 Follow the professional tour guide, and visit the ancient sanctuary site
    13:45 Proceed for lunch at a local restaurant (optional).
    15:00 Continue to Kalanbaka via Thermopylae(photo stop), Lamia, Karditsa & Trikala.
    19:15 Arrival in Kalambaka. Check-in the hotel and (optional) dinner at 19.30
    08:15 Depart from the parking of Hotel ORFEAS, and visit the icon exhibition
    09:00 Drive to Meteora and visit 2 monasteries (entrance fees included).
    12:00 Have lunch at a local restaurant. (not included in price)
    14:00 Start the return and arrive in Athens at +/- 19:30. Hotel drop off by 20:00

    4 STEPS TO BOOK a tour | INSTANT confirmation | PAY ONLINE

    Tour options

    Meteora is one of the most beautiful areas of mainland Greece and the monasteries are one of the country’s most unique attractions. Join one of the following tours and visit Meteora.

    CLICK HERE and find all the different options (guided tours and independent tours by train) and visit Meteora.


    QUESTION: How many hours do we stay at the ancient site in Delphi. ANSWER: You spend 1.30 hour in the ancient site of Delphi.
    QUESTION: Is there any free time, or is it all guided? ANSWER: There is free time but I suggest you break from the group as early as possible. The tour doesn’t go to the top of the mountain to see the Delphi stadium.
    AT METEORA: You spend about 1 hour in each monastery but there is no need to break early.
    Appropriate clothing is required to visit the Monasteries and nunneries. Skirts below the knees for ladies and long trousers for gentlemen.
    The monasteries/nunneries provide wrappings that the visitors can wear them over their clothing before entering.
    FREE TIME: After the guide takes you around, you have enough time to see whatever is left to see.
    AT DELPHI, the 2 day tour to Meteora meets the 3 day classical tour, and the tour company usually moves guests travelling to Meteora onto another bus and they proceed to Kalambaka and visit Meteora together.
    For the 2 day tour to Delphi and Meteora clients: The restaurant in Delphi is 3 km after the modern Delphi village. If you decide to take the tour without lunch, you can ask the tour leader to drop you at the entrance of modern Delphi, and +/- 1 hour later to pick you up from the same point for the return to Athens.

    CANCELATIONS If you cancel 7 days before the departure, there is no cancellation penalties.
    If you cancel between 3 and 6 days before the departure, there is a 50 % cancellation penalty.
    If you cancel within 2 days of the departure, there is a 100 % cancellation penalty.

    Read more about Athens to Delphi and Meteora 2-Day Trip 2019 –


    littlebluekingfisher, Bangalore, Re: Astoria Travel, Jan 14
    My family and I are just back from a wonderful trip to Greece. I’d done some research and bookings before I ran into a brick wall trying to book train tickets to Meteora. Searching around I found a note by another traveller on Tripadvisor, who’d had exactly the same problem and stumbled on Astoria Travel. He’d had a great experience with them and recommended them highly. So I contacted Kosta at Astoria, and am blessing my stars that I did so!
    If we had a good, sensibly planned trip in which we saw as much as we could without being run ragged, it was thanks to Kosta. Over the course of several emails he helped refine my plans; even to the extent of arranging to hire a taxi from Delphi to Levadia railway station to catch the train from there to Kalampaka and not lose a day.
    He also arranged our train and ferry tickets (to Santorini) — getting the latter at a cheaper rate than that quoted on the web! I wish we’d done our hotel bookings through him too, as according to people that we met in Greece, he got them good rooms at the hotel that we all stayed at lower than the rates that we were found through

    I visited them at their office in Athens. It was impressive to see that Astoria Travel has been in business since 1958, and through experience have been able to attune their services and offerings to a very wide range of traveller indeed. Their list of contacts is vast, which worked helpfully in our favour: Kosta just picked up the phone and got a taxi to pick us up at Kalampaka station (paying no more than the normal rates, despite being booked ahead).
    Moreover, they are a family-run concern, so their levels of friendliness, personalisation of services and traveller support is several notches higher than what a more impersonal agency could provide.
    I would highly recommend Astoria Travel not just for booking tickets, tours and hotels, but for help and advice in planning your holiday as well. He graduated from a University in South Africa, his English is excellent and he is highly knowledgeable and courteous.

    (Visit the excellent blog site, read the description and comments)

    If you wish to see the major sights of mainland Ancient Greece including UNESCO listed ancient site of Mycenae, Epidaurus, Olympia, Delphi and Meteora monasteries, then I recommend you to join a 4 Day Classical Greece Tour.
    The tour departs from Athens and returns to Athens.

    5 UNESCO World Heritage Site in 4 days. I have to warn you that 4 out of the 5 World Heritage Site are in ruins. The tour which I joined was organized by G.O.TOURS. Information about the tour can be found at their website at

    However I did not book through their website. I booked it through ASTORIA TRAVEL that can be contacted at I e-mailed Mr. Kosta and since I booked the tour through him in 4 star hotels, I got a free arrival transfer offer to my hotel. Actually, Kosta himself, came to the airport and took us to the hotel.

    After browsing through the web, I found that Astoria Travel offers the cheapest tour packages in Athens. Initially I was quite skeptical. How can this tour agent offer such a low price (20% cheaper) compared to the travel company’s price? Is this a scam? Well, believe it! I even book my first two night in Athens at Hotel Arethusa (very near Syntagma Square) at a very cheap price through Astoria Travel.

    I took the First Class package as the price difference was not much compared to the Tourist Class package and the complimentary airport transfer sounded attractive. During the tour, some of my fellow travelers took the Tourist Class package. Frankly, I don’t think there was much of a difference compared to the First Class hotels. In fact, the Tourist Class hotels were located nearer to the town centre while the First Class hotels were located at quieter locations outside the towns providing small luxuries (swimming pools, good dinners and breakfasts, etc.)

    After checking in the hotel, you can actually explore the town of Kalampaka and don’t miss the 9th century church at Kalampaka. The church is about 15 minutes walk from the hotel.

    The tour includes visits to two of the six monasteries of Meteora.

    As the tour group was small, we got to know each other pretty quickly.
    tinghq, melbourne, posts 60, reviews 8. Re: Astoria Travel

    Just came back from 2 days Delphi and Meteora tour arranged by Kosta. He gives such good service with fast replies and issuing of vouchers. Kosta gives excellent value for money. He is highly knowledgeable, caring and courteous.ery trust worthy. There were 6 of us going on the tour and on the morning of the tour, he personally came by and make sure we got on the tour! Great discount for the tour and we did save €’s by booking with him rather than direct with tour company or Viator. On the bus we met and became good friends with a couple that bought their tour from Viator and we could compare prices and services for the same tour in the same hotel. Kosta gives excellent value for money. He is highly knowledgeable, caring and courteous. His English is excellent, he is very experienced, extremely helpful and proud of Greek history and Greek culture.

    contact us

    Astoria Travel (est. 1958)
    48 Stadiou street, Athens 10564, Greece.
    Tel. +302103250380, +306932888585.
    Click here and send us a message

    In the footer of this website you find the “4 steps to make a booking”. If our offer sound interesting, please send us the booking form.

    CLICK here and see ALL THE GUIDED TOURS that start from Athens. Detailed information on each tour is included.


    SEE ALL THE TOURS that visit Meteora in guided tours or train trips.


    The 2 Days package to Meteora by train is organised daily.
    METEORA are listed as UNESCO World Heritage monuments. It’s a natural landmark nowhere to be found around the world. The imposing vertical rocks standing as pillars reaching the sky, host on their plateaus ancient monasteries with a vast cultural significance for the whole Christianity. The Byzantine Monasteries were built for protection at the top of the rocks. This is your chance to explore this unique natural phenomenon.
    The tour includes the train tickets, 1 night stay, Sunset, Morning, or Hiking Tour!

    In kalambaka join the 4.00 hrs tour of Meteora, see all 6 monasteries of the monastic community and visit 2 of them and experience the life of the monks and nuns.

    You deposit 40.00 € to help us buy your train tickets and you collect tickets and vouchers in Athens.

    Tour itinerary

    Day 1:
    * Be at the Railway Station of Athens (Larissa station) at 07:50.
    Find you platform and board the train to Kalambaka that departs at 08:20.
    Travel in a smooth and scenic ride through the plain of Thessaly. It is the most comfortable and efficient way.
    * You arrive in kalambaka at +/- 13:40 and an unforgetable experience starts. Enjoy the trip.
    Meet our driver and go to the hotel. Check in and have lunch in a nearby restaurant.
    * Return to the hotel and 16:00 be ready in the lobby of the hotel for the “afternoon sunset tour”. (CLICK and read details of the tour).
    (The pick up time for the “sunset tour” varies, following the time that the sun sets).
    * Return to Kalambaka after the sunset, have dinner in one of the tavernas and spend the night in the hotel KOSTA FAMISSI.

    Second day.

    * 08.00 – Have an early breakfast, take a walk, enjoy the local fauna & flora and at 09.00 be ready to be picked up for the morning tour of Meteora. You drive up the rocks, stop in a couple of openings for beautiful photos, visit at least 2 monasteries that are open on the day that you visit the area, and
    * 13.30 – return to Kalampaka. Have lunch, and return to the hotel to take your luggage and walk 400 m. to the train station.
    * 17.20 – Board the train and at 17:32 depart for Athens. Arrival at Larissa Rail station at +/- 22.40. End of the tour.

    On day 2 you can choose to take the hiking tour to the Meteora rocks instead of the morning tour. This decision is yours.


    The price p.p. is: 115.00 € p.p. in a double bedroom with breakfast, 134.00 € in single room & 110.00 € p.p. in triple room,

  • Train ticket (B class),
  • accommodation with breakfast in hotel Kosta Famissi,
  • the arrival transfer from the train station to the hotel,
  • the 3.30 hours afternoon “Sunset” tour tour, and
  • on the second day,either the 4 hrs morning tour, or, the hiking tour, organized by our local partner.

  • 3.00 € p.p., the entrance fee to every monastery,
  • Your meals and drinks in the train & in Kalampaka, and
  • The 1.50 € per room, per night “city tax”
  • Extra night in single = 38.00 euro, in double = 24.00 euro, in triple = 20.00 euro,
    Extra for upgrading your train ticket from B class to A class = 12.00 euro per person,

    Click here and see the terms and conditions to make a booking. Pay 40.00 € and secure your bookings.

    CLICK and see all the options to visit Meteora in guided tours or independent trips.

    contact us

    Astoria Travel, (Est. 1958)
    48 Stadiou street, Athens 10564, Greece.
    Tel. +302103250380, +306932888585.
    Click here and send us a message

    Meteora by train

    SEE ALL THE TOURS that visit Meteora in guided tours or train trips.

    You choose the monasteries to visit and how long to stay in each one.

    Question: Is it possible to visit Meteora, see the monasteries, and return to Athens all in one day? The answer is: Yes. In Kalambaka you have 3 hours to drive on the rocks and visit 2-3 monasteries at the maximum.

    If your visit to Greece is too short, this is your chance to visit Meteora.

    You realize why the first hermits chose this location to create their monastic community and seek communication with God. See the 4 monasteries and the 2 nunneries, and visit two of them. Learn about the everyday life of the monks, admire their architecture and gaze at the priceless relics and treasures of the monasteries, a cultural heritage to all Christian religions.

    Finish your sightseeing return to Kalambaka, have a light lunch, board the train and return to Athens at 22:45


    * You collect your tickets from us and settle the account, at least a day before departure.
    * Be at the LARISA railway station in Athens at least 30 minutes before the train departure.
    * Find platform 8. Your train comes at 08:10 am. The difficult thing is to find your seat.
    * 08:20 – The train departs and following a scenic route it travels straight from Athens to Kalampaka(last stop).
    * 13:30 – Arrive in Kalampaka and meet our English speaking driver outside the railway station.
    * 13:45 – Drive to Meteora. Visit up to 3 monasteries. See old hermitages and cloisters in the caves.
    * 16:45 – Return to Kalampaka. Stop at a local restaurant for a light meal (not included in the price).
    * 17:30 – The train departs from Kalampaka and arrives in Athens (LARISA station) at +/- 22.45.

    To make a booking you deposit 40.00 euro per person and you settle the balance when we meet in Athens.

    CANCELLATION POLICY: 15.00 € p.p. is not refundable. In case of a strike the full amount is refunded.

    Price & Inclussions

    The price for the 3.30 hours private tour of Meteora includes your return B class train ticket and the taxi hire from the moment that you arrive until the moment that you tell the driver that you have seen enough and want to get back to Kalambaka and have something to eat.

    – 1 passenger: Train ticket (B class), 86.00 € p.p.
    – 1 passenger: Train ticket (A class), 98.00 € p.p.
    – 2 passengers: Train ticket (B class), 82.00 € p.p.
    – 2 passengers: Train ticket (A class), 94.00 € p.p.
    – 3 passengers: Train ticket (B class), 76.00 € p.p.
    – 3 passengers: Train ticket (A class), 88.00 € p.p.
    – 4 passengers: Train ticket (B class), 69.00 € p.p.
    – 4 passengers: Train ticket (A class), 81.00 € p.p.

    To secure your booking, please, click and see the terms, find the pay on line link in the footer, and, deposit 40.00 € p.p.


    * Return train ticket. Pay 12.00 euro, and upgrade the train ticket to A class (recommended).
    * Upon arrival you meet our taxi driver and for 3 hours, you visit up to 3 monasteries.
    * Visit hidden beauties & explore the area with a local, English speaking taxi driver.

    NOT INCLUDED in the price:
    * No professional tour guide service is included. It’s you and the taxi driver.
    * 3.00 euro per person, being the entrance ticket to each monastery, and
    * Your lunch and drinks in the train and while you are in Kalampaka.

    Options to visit

    CLICK and see all the options to visit the Meteora

    Our BEST SELLER is the 3 days/2 nights Meteora and Delphi, independent trip by train/taxi and bus.

    We also offer packages for 2 or 3 days. During the extra day, join a Hiking Tour and explore the natural beauty. Discover the geology of the region and follow the trails that the first monks used centuries ago. Hike on the well paved paths from the monastery of Grand Meteoron or the monastery of Varlaam all the way to the village of Kastraki and Kalambaka.

    If the hiking tour is a difficult exercise, join the 4 hour morning tour and learn about the monasticism at Meteora. Discover their cultural wealth and have a personal experience of the monastic community.

    Last minute bookings are difficult to work. Plan in advance and get the best seats in the train.


    KSL13, Level 6 Contributor, TripAdvisor member since 2005, From USA
    Kosta is an all service travel agent
    I booked a tour to Meteora via train with Astoria travel at a significant discount from other agencies. Kosta also picked us up from the cruise port and took us to our Airbnb. He also gave us lots of advice about life in Greece. He knows so much! And he truly loves his job and he is proud of his country. I hope that lots of people use his services! I did not feel that he was exploiting tourist dollars, like most guys did. He is honest and reliable.

    contact us

    Astoria Travel, (Est. 1958)
    48 Stadiou street, Athens 10564, Greece.
    Tel. +302103250380, +306932888585.
    Click here and send us a message

    Travelling to Meteora by train is a comfortable and efficient way. A smooth and scenic ride.



    The 2 Days package to Meteora by train is your chance to explore a unique natural phenomenon in central Greece. The rocky forest with the Byzantine Monasteries, built for protection at the top of the rocks, are listed as UNESCO World Heritage monuments.
    The tour includes the train tickets, and 1 night stay with breakfast in the 3 star hotel Kosta Famissi.
    You can add to it the local tours organized by our partner, METEORA THRONES at special prices(the Sunset Tour, and either the Meteora morning tour or the Meteora Hiking Tour! or,
    After checking in the hotel, you can explore Kalampaka. Don’t miss the 9th c church about 15 min. walk from the hotel.

    Suggested itinerary
    Day 1: Travel by train to Kalampaka, and visit the Meteora rocks in the afternoon.
    * Be at LARISA railway station 07:50, and find platform 08.
    * 08:20 – The train departs from Athens straight to Kalampaka (+/- 12 stops).
    * +/- 13:40 – Arrive in Kalambaka and check in the hotel KOSTA FAMISSI.
    * 14:30 – Optional “sunset tour”of the Meteora (costs 25.00 euro p.p.)
    * 18:00 – Return to Kalampaka. Evening free.

    Day 2: A day to explore Meteora before returning to Athens.
    * 09:00 – Take the bus or our taxi and visit the highest monastery open on the day of your visit.
    * 13:00 – After you finish your visits, hike down on the well paved paths, or, take the bus to Kalampaka.
    Explore the old town of Kalampaka, visit the Byzantine church of the dormition of Mother Mary,
    find a nice restaurant, have lunch, and return to the hotel to take your luggage and
    walk to the railway station.
    * 05.30pm – Board the train and depart for Athens. Arrival +/- 22.40.

    Why book with us

    Daily departures travelling on your own or in a small group.
    Traveling by train is by far the most efficient and scenic way.
    You will go to secret local spots that the vast majority of other travellers will never experience.
    You will learn about the history of the place from a local tour leader.

    To secure your booking, please, read the terms and conditions and deposit 40.00 € p.p.

    TO MAKE AND SECURE A BOOKING You deposit 40.00 € to help us buy your train tickets.
    You collect tickets and vouchers, any day before your departure for Kalambaka.

    Do not miss

    The Byzantine church Assumption of mother Mary
    An important monument of Kalambaka is the byzantine church Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Basilica style. It is located at the base of the Meteora rocks in the old city of Kalambaka. For a very long time it was the main church of Kalambaka.

    This byzantine church is one of the oldest monuments in the province. The unique feature of the church is the large and tall pulpit found in the middle of the church.

    The Cave of Theopetra
    The oldest in Greece, possibly in the world, is the Prehistorical Cave at Theopetra dates 23.000 years old. A stone wall at the entrance of the cave blocks 2/3 of the opening.
    The cave is found about 5 Km from kalambaka. It is one of the most interesting Archaeological sites worth seeing in all of the Thessalian plain. It is of world-wide interest due to the discovery of rich and unique findings for two of the most important changes in human prehistory: the replacement of Neaderdal from the contempory human and the transition of the human hunter in the agricultural revolution.
    In small distance from the cave you can find the Documentation and education center of Theopetra cave.


    Prices: 87.00 € in single, 73.00 € p.p. in double room, 70.00 p.p. in triple room
    Includes: B class return train ticket + hotel in double room with breakfast.

    Additional night in Double room with breakfast: 24.00 euro p.p. | in Single room: 35.00 euro
    Upgrade your train ticket to A class: 12.00 euro p.p.,
    – 4.00 hours morning tour of Meteora: 25.00 euro, per person,
    – 3.30 hours Sunset tour of Meteora: 25.00 euro, per person,
    – 4.30 hours hiking tour of Meteora: 25.00 euro, per person.


  • 3.00 € p.p., the entrance fee to every monastery, and
  • Your meals and drinks in the train & in Kalampaka.
  • The 1.50 € per room, per night “city tax”
  • See our “meteora special” tour that includes SUNSET and another local tour for 115.00 €


    Accommodation in 3-star hotel with breakfast
    Visit all the monasteries
    Taxes & service fees
    Join the optional Meteora Sunset Tour
    Choose one of teh other 2 optional tours for the second day
    Round trip train ticket from/to Athens


    Hani K, Ottawa, Canada, 33 reviews
    Re: Astoria Travel

    I had a fantastic experience with Astoria Travel and Kosta. He is very efficient, he know his stuff and he is one of the best in his job. He helped me plan a trip to Kalambala and Delphi by train, private taxi and Intercity bus. He arranged everything and all went very smoothly like a clock work.
    He takes care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a well organized trip.
    His prices are very reasonable and extremely competitive compare to other tours. I definitely recommend him

    I was in Greece last week of March and first week of April 2018

    contact us

    Astoria Travel, (Est. 1958)
    48 Stadiou street, Athens 10564, Greece.
    Tel. +302103250380, +306932888585.
    Click here and send us a message

    Travelling by train in a smooth and scenic train ride is the most comfortable & efficient way.